My work explores the intersection of sculpture and photography and its relationship to function.

Through my three-dimensional works, I challenge the typical use of plinths and drapery, creating sculptures that neither reveal nor conceal but simply depict protective draperies as objects unto themselves. I am particularly interested in examining these types of objects as a way to speak about exclusivity and a point of inaccessibility. 

My hand-cut paper reliefs react to reproducibility and the affect of the commercial image on our perception of the external world.



Allyson Ross is a Portland based artist working in photography and sculpture. Her development as an artist began in the field of high craft: metals and jewelry.

The work is intended as a discussion of the social ramifications of photography through craft-like applications, handwork being a large component.

She has an MFA from the School of Visual Arts, NY and her BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design. She is a recent recipient of the RACC Professional Development Grant and will be attending the Vermont Studio Residency in March. Ross participated in the Artist in the Marketplace program through the Bronx Museum of Art and her collaborative project received grants from the Ministry of Culture, Zagreb and from the City of Zagreb, Croatia. Allyson has exhibited work at the Bronx Museum of Art, NY; Wave Hill, NY; Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art, NY; Harvestworks, NY; The Lobby Project at New York City Center, NY; Soho20 Gallery, NY; Emily Amy Gallery, GA; Poem88, GA; and the Visual Arts Gallery; NY. Her most recent solo show is being displayed at Washington University, Vancouver.